Friday, November 16, 2018


This report reviews the e-Government Master Plan done in 2007 and other relevant policies and regulations that may require update such as IT Policy, Electronic Transactions Act, National IT Roadmap etc. It also reviews and analyses the action plans that have already been implemented under the previous eGMP and the ADB ICT Development Project that funded most of them to look for areas that were missed or may need change this time around. The report also reviews, in brief, the changes: technological and regulatory, that have happened in Nepal after the first eGMP. 

e-Agriculture, e-Education, e-Health and e-Tourism are four priority streams that have been specified in the eGMP2 as areas that have the most volume of demand for e-services from the Government. Agriculture, Health, Education, Local Government, Roads, Tourism etc. are some of the priority areas that have been identified in this version of the e-Government Master Plan. Strategies and working policies for these priority sectors have been defined and key projects have been identified for them and are listed in the annexe in detail. Cost estimates and work plan are attached as well.

For successful implementation of the updated eGMP2, the team recommends that legal frameworks be updated and changed to better deal with changing times. With the Department of IT in place, the team also recommends that each Government agency has a qualified IT officer and team in place to support the IT requirements. With time and some effort for the next five years, the second phase of eGovernment Master Plan is set to support the new technologies and the demands of a more tech savvy Nepal.