Monday, October 22, 2018

Consultations, Documentation, and Advocacy Regarding Draft IT Bill of Nepal (Electronic Transaction and Digital Signature Act)


Funded by The Asia Foundation

This study reviews and analyzes the Electronic Transaction and Digital Signature Act (ETADSA) and related Acts and regulations to identify strengths and weaknesses related to intellectual property rights, authentication of digital signatures and e-transactions, Internet telephony and VoIP but also suggests amendments and enactments of new rules and regulations and compiles IT-related success stories to be found in Nepal. 

Curriculum Development and Review for Computer Engineering at IOE

IT Professional Forum was sought to advice and consult in the review of Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering Course and suitable Curriculum was developed for the Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University.

Curriculum Development for CTEVT

IT Professional Forum developed the Computer Training course  for CTEVT (Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training).

E-Governance Master Plan (eGMP) (2015 - 2019 AD)


This study was completed with Knowledge Holding International (KHInt) as lead and ITPF as an associate. The study reviews the e-Government Master Plan done in 2007 and other relevant policies and regulations that may require update such as IT Policy, Electronic Transactions Act, National IT Roadmap etc. It also reviews and analyses the action plans that have already been implemented under the previous eGMP and the ADB ICT Development Project that funded most of them to look for areas that were missed or may need change this time around. The report also reviews in brief the changes: technological and regulatory, that have happened in Nepal after the first eGMP. 


Electronic Procurement in Government of Nepal: Consultation, Documentation & Advocacy

In order to bring awareness of electronic procurement in Nepal and its implementation in His Majesty's Government's in all public purchases, a research and study was conducted. The study shows a very positive response from civil servants, private entrepreneurs and stakeholders for implementing e-Procurement in the country. The report has come up with a viable project proposal for execution of e-Procurement as pilot project in the government. The project was completed with the financial assistance of The Asia Foundation, Nepal.


Estimating e-Government Master Plan Seven Projects in Nepalese Perspective


IT Professional Forum conducted an Estimation of Nepalese market cost for application development, hardware and consultants for seven priority project under e-Government master plan for Nepal Information Technology Center.

Formulation of Electronic Transaction Act and Related Regulation


IT Professional Forum developed and advocated creation of Electronic Transaction Act and IT Tribunal such as Controller of Certification Authority for the Ministry of Environment Science and Technology, Government of Nepal.  .

Framework of E-Governance Road Map


This report proposes an informal preliminary framework for architecting e-Governance in Nepal, and is intended to formulate outline for a formal “E-government Roadmap” and guidelines for “Detailed Master Plan and Its Phase-wise Implementation”. This report is a result of volunteered initiative of IT Professional Forum with partial funding from National Information Technology Center, Ministry of Science and Technology.

Government Applications and its Legal Authentication


This short study encompassed review of major government applications, their assessment from Security and Legal Authentication prospective as well as a review of Authentication Technologies for use by the Controller of Certification Authority under the Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology, Nepal.


Incubator Initiative in Nepal

This project has been successful in accomplishing the study of “Need and Environment Assessment of Business Incubation”; creating a more widespread awareness in incubation through stakeholder consultations, training, information dissemination through the paper and electronic media (FM radio, TV, CD-ROM and web). During the course of the project, 23 different individuals received incubation managers training and 13 Nepalese persons from government, academia and private sector got international exposure on incubation through a global forum, conferences, workshops in India and Philippines. Finally, the project also developed a business plan for an incubator (namely Business Incubation Centre, Kathmandu). Department of Cottage and Small Industry (DoCSI) is the owner of this business plan. Lately, Economy Policy Network from Ministry of Finance has reconsidered the concept of Business Incubation for a policy framework.

NIDC - IT Policy 2009 (IT Disaster Recovery Plan)


IT Professional Forum developed the ICT Policy for Nepal Industrial Development Corporation (NIDC), also covering disaster recover plan. The purpose of this Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy is to provide staff guidelines covering all aspects of ICT of (NIDC). This policy outlines acceptable use of computer and communication equipment, software and hardware of NIDC and to prevent unauthorized use. The policy is prepared to prevent the occurrence of inappropriate, unethical, or unlawful behavior by any of the user of its computing systems and telecommunications networks.

Prepare Regulatory Framework for Mobile Value Added Service (MVAS)


The objective of this study was to identify the key points enabling the growth of Mobile Value Added Services in Nepal, as well as the various challenges facing the MVAS industry; and formulate a regulatory framework that will encourage all the stakeholders to advance their services in the industry for Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA). NTA has called for stakeholder response on licensing for MVAS as a direct output of this regulatory study. 



Report on IT Database creation, Need Analysis and Work Plan


The aim of this paper is to provide sufficient information to be used by the government of Nepal, mainly Ministry of Science and Technology as well as other IT related organizations, associations, forums and their executive professionals and any potential international counterparts.

Study on E-Payment System in Nepal


Electronic Payment System analyzes the awareness, preparedness, and requirements of using information and communication technology in all payments- procurement of goods & services, government tax, utilities, cross-border, remittance etc. The objectives of the study on e-payment in Nepal are to (a) look into the present legal framework for financial transactions to be carried out online, (b) build consensus among the stakeholders for IT-based payment systems, (c) develop an e-payment policy strategy for the growth of e-Governance and e-Commerce, and (d) build a core team of professionals from among the stakeholders to bring awareness and lobby for the implementation of e-Payment system in the country.



Talk Program on Knowledge Management

A talk was given by Mr. Pushkar Wagley of IT Professional Forum at a workshop on WINISIS and Knowledge Management organized by Nepal Academy of Science and Technology NAST (then RONAST) and UNESCO in order to impart the importance of Knowledge and its Management in the development of new business environment in Nepal that puts a premium on Creativity and Innovation..

Talk Program on VRML, and demonstration of Virtual Reality Sites

A talk program on virtual reality was organized. Forty participants from information communication industry participated. The Program was conducted by Paniaras T. Yannis from the US and Cybermatha provided required equipment and infrastructure.

Training on Object Oriented System Design and Development

In association with Nepal AOTS Alumni Association and partially funded by CICC, Japan, a training program was conducted and 20 enthusiastic programmers participated from organizations like NTC, PCS, Computer Advance, CORE, InfoCom, etc.

Y2K Compliance Test for Lumbini Bank

As Lumbini Bank wanted to move to new millennium safely, on-site compliance test for year 2000 was conducted and certificate of compliance was delivered to the Bank.