Monday, October 22, 2018

The aim of this paper is to provide sufficient information to be used by the government of Nepal, mainly Ministry of Science and Technology as well as other IT related organizations, associations, forums and their executive professionals and any potential international counterparts. The paper is an overview of the first phase, (need analysis and work plan) only.

For a country like Nepal, information technology can be a miraculous tool to escort the nation into development and prosperity. To embark into the field of information technology as an internationally important contributor, we first need vital facts and figures showing our existing strength and capacity. Based on this we can design a realistic plan that can be successfully managed and implemented.

The objectives of the National IT Database are hence:  

  • To assist the government with important statistics in planning and implementing IT policy
  • To assist the industry and investors by providing important information for their expansion and investment plans.
  • To promote Nepal as a venue for IT related services by showing the strength available in the country.