Monday, October 22, 2018

This is the final report that concludes the work undertaken by IT Professional Forum (ITPF), under grant assistance from The Asia Foundation. The report documents all the research activities, group discussion and workshop done to come to the relevant recommendations and conclusions.

The research has demonstrated that Information Technologies do have a potential to uplift Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) thereby expanding the economy of the country. It has also shown that the growing IT industry in the country is already considered as a significant sector by both the government and the private entities like FNCCI and NCC. 

The research also raises the issue of the timely changes required in the National ICT policy. The conclusions of the study point out the incompatibilities between the statements in the IT policy and other prevailing laws, which make implementation of the policy difficult. It also concludes that the major financial and manufacturing industry still see IT as a separate industry, and not as a cross cutting tools to be benefited of. The reluctance shown by financial institutions in embracing enabling technologies have a root in this particular aspect. The same reluctance is also seen in case of government agencies. 

But at the same time, the research positively concludes that there is a lot of enthusiasm, and the efforts by players in the industry have gone a long way to make sure that IT is a national agenda. Enough push and an enabling policy framework will both help in increasing the size of the industry. This will directly affect the productivity and economic stability of SMEs, which form the backbone of the industry.